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Penetrex Products and Ordering

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4 Oz. Jar (6-Pack)

4 Oz. Jar (6-Pack)

$ 191.40

Breakthrough Relief From The Symptoms Normally Associated With:

l Carpal Tunnel Syndrome             l   Tennis Elbow                      l   Bursitis

l     Sciatica & Neck Pain                    l   Trigger Finger                    l   Tendonitis

l     Plantar Fasciitis                            l   Fibromyalgia        l Arthritis

l   Shin Splints                                   l   Golfers Elbow                     l   Neuropathy

Directions for Use:

Apply Penetrex liberally to the affected area(s) and continue to massage in thoroughly until it has been absorbed through the skin.  The approximate amount of Penetrex to use on each occasion should be enough so that the cream massages in smoothly & comfortably over the entire area of discomfort.


Repeat this 3-4 times per day over an initial period of at least 7-10 days and thereafter on an as needed basis. It has been a recurring comment by users that “the more they use the product, the more effective the applications become.”

Penetrex is a topical anti-inflammatory application that should be  applied directly to external areas where you experience discomfort (pain, tingling, numbing, etc) that is a result of the inflammation of muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons.

Penetrex does not include ingredients which induce temperature sensations so do not expect to feel your skin heat up or cool down upon application.

If you have traditionally experienced pain from your particular ailment though the night, you may find it helpful to massage Penetrex into the problem area(s) just before you turn in for the evening.  Similarly, if you experience discomfort when engaging in a particular activity (e.g.: operating a keyboard, playing an instrument, engaging in physical activity, etc)  Penetrex should be applied in the manner mentioned above approximately 1/2 hour before you begin the activity and the afterwards.

As symptoms improve, reduce the frequency of applications accordingly to maintain relief ad as a preventative measure.  Many users have reported that over time Penetrex provides them with more “efficient” relief …requiring fewer applications while achieving quicker and more predictable results.