Penetrex Reviews

Penetrex Reviews

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Penetrex is everything it is advertised to be… I use it for carpal tunnel and tendonitis with very satisfactory results… in my opinion the company rates AAA+ for its great product and outstanding customer service.

  George D. – Bridgeton, New Jersey, USA

Learning to play guitar in my later years, I was especially cautious to stretch and warm up before playing. I’d heard too many horror stories about players developing tendinitis and having to severely limit or stop their playing altogether.

Well, the day finally came when I forgot to stretch before an extended session, and the next day I felt like I’d torn something in my left forearm. I had to stop playing for about six weeks, but worse, the pain never really completely has gone away.

My brother-in-law looked online and ran across Penetrex, and he sent me the link. If Penetrex worked half as good as it sounded, it would be worth it. I had my order filled in about three days.

I started applying a small dab directly on the sore area once or twice a day. After about four days I thought I started noticing the pain diminishing, and by the fifth day I was sure it had decreased. In no more than a week or so, I was able to play again for extended periods, and have often been pain-free for days at a time.

For me, Penetrex worked exactly as advertised. I didn’t expect instant results, and I was very pleased with the results achieved in a matter of a few days. And the 2 oz. jar of Penetrex lasted me a year of regular use.

I strongly recommend to anyone who suffers from tendinitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, sore shoulders, etc., that they give Penetrex a try.

  Ken R. – Los Angeles, California, USA

I recently placed my first order for Penetrex. I have been suffering from Sciatica for several months and nothing I have tried has given me any relief…until I tried Penetrex.

My pain was intensified by the Bursitis in my hips. On the second day of applying Penetrex 3-4 times I could feel the muscles begin to relax and the electric shocks running down my leg almost stopped.

The burning pain in my hips has also subsided. It has now been a week and for the first time in months, I can walk without pain. I can also cut back on the pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds that wreak havoc with my stomach.

Thank you for this great product! I can now enjoy my summer activities without excruciating pain!

I am also ordering extra for my friend and mom that suffer from plantar fasciitis. I firmly believe they will find relief with Penetrex, as well!

  Teresa D. – Clackamas, Oregon, USA

I debated on whether or not to buy this product. I finally decided why not. You won’t know if it works if you don’t give it a try.

I have a form of tennis elbow but I have pain mostly in my forearm and when I wake up in the mornings, the arm is heavy and stiff. I have been using the product for 3 weeks now and I do feel a difference.

I started out with 4 times per day and now I’m at 2-3 times per day. Some of the stiffness is gone when I get up in the morning. Maybe the massaging for 1-2 minutes is helping some too. I just know the arm feels better.

I plan to keep using the cream and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all the pain will go away.

  Jackie B. – Brownsville, Tennessee, USA

After reading positive reviews online about this product I decided to give it a try since nothing else was helping the pain in my elbow and forearm muscles.

I have always been sceptical of over the counter pain ointments but this one really worked for me. After using Penetrex for a little over two weeks the pain and stiffness in my elbow and forearm muscles was almost gone.

After 4 weeks I felt like new. I reordered another jar in order to have some available in case of future muscle strains or pains.

  Ellis M. – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I have tried a bunch of things for the typical aches and pains of the “weekend warrior” syndrome and I can safely say that Penetrex was a big surprise in how quickly and how well it worked.

I had a bad case of tennis elbow last year (actually from playing tennis!) and was getting really desperate to find something that would take away the pain and inflammation. I tried ice packs and compression bandages and nothing gave me long-term relief.

I finally Googled tennis elbow and saw this stuff and thought “why not?” especially given the relatively low price. Well, I followed the directions and after two weeks the elbow was much better.

Now I use it from time to time when I have a sore elbow or knees or back and it really helps. Not all of my tennis partners have gotten relief from it, but the ones who have been diligent and followed directions (i.e., been patient!) have really liked it.

  David L. – Delmar, New York, USA

I’m a skeptic when it comes to things like this but I think it’s helping my golfers elbow (from playing tennis). I’ve also started wearing the band-it arm brace which is a great product, and I’ve restrung my racket with a lower tension and added lead weight to the head.

With all the changes it’s hard to isolate which thing is working best but there is a soothing feeling after rubbing in the Penetrex and my pain level has been declining since I started using it a month ago.

  Gary L. – San Diego, California, USA

Hi!, Just wanted to thank you for your super quick service! I have had tennis elbow for about 3 months and have recently seen an ortho. dr. for a neck injury and knee surgery.

I have been doing phys. therapy for the last 8 weeks. The 1st 6 were rehab for the knee, but the neck I just started 2 weeks ago. They are working on my tennis elbow and a shoulder impingement at the same time.

I can’t take traditional pain meds and have been using Voltaren gel which helps a little. Just the 1st 3 days of using Penetrex has made a tremendous difference in my pain level! I could feel instant relief the 1st time I used it and was shocked!

I am so excited to have found this product! I can’t take traditional pain meds because of some stomach issues (not even ibuprofen!) and have been dealing with a lot of medical issues that I have put on the back burner for months and years.

The very 1st time I put this on my elbow which is on my dominant use arm, the pain was gone instantly and I was completely blown away.

I have taken the info on this product to my phys. therapy/rehab place and will take it to my dr. next week when I go for my follow up.

He also specializes in pain management and I think he will find this interesting. Anyway, thanks again and I will be back for more! I would love to see this in a jumbo size jar also! Thanks so much for a great product and great service!!

  Sarah F. – Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Hi, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. My jars of Penetrex arrived in the UK about 8 days after ordering and I started using it immediately.

I had had tennis elbow for over 3 months and it was excruciating. Removing the cap from the toothpaste was almost impossible as was putting on my coat! I could go on but other sufferers reading this will know exactly what I mean.

After using it for 12 days, 4 times a day, I had finished the first pot but I had noticed a definite improvement. The pain had changed from being acute and searing to rather dull and heavy.

After 15 days I noticed that for the first time, I could press the elbow bone without wincing!! I am absolutely delighted with the product and will continue use until such time as I am no longer feeling the general discomfort I am feeling at the moment.

The cost of my three jars of Penetrex is only a little more than the cost of one session at the sports clinic….which I attended when I last had the problem.

Many thanks…I am truly grateful and am now about to place another order for myself and family members who have also been impressed!

  Joy R. – Cheshire, Great Britain

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you. Like most people I am always sceptical with items I find and decide to buy over the internet, there are so many con tricks and rip off merchants populating the web these days that one always has to beware.

I have been suffering with tennis elbow for 6 months, strong pain killers got me through the day but anti inflammatory products just did not do the trick.

Having previously had cortisone injections twice and on both occasions I experienced more pain from those injections than from the original injuries, I had no wish to repeat that experience.

I have now been using “Penetrex” for 7 days and the difference is remarkable. Whilst my elbow is still painful it no longer keeps me awake at night and I can now carry and grip again. Being right handed and not having the use of your right arm is very debilitating!

I have never written to a manufacturer to praise them before in my life, we all only appear to write when things go wrong. So here’s to you Biomax, Great product that does what it says it does on the label. Well done and thank you!

  Michael P. – Girona, Spain

I have worked as a cashier in a Zoo for 10 years now, which involves handling large amounts of bags of coin and notes from all the outlets, as well as computer input and this year my hands have started giving me a lot of pain during a busy day and stiffening right up overnight.

I followed the instructions to the letter, and after the first week or so, definitely find that this cream gives me relief from my problem. I am using it for ‘triggering’ and general joint stiffness/pain, just in my hands, and would like to say a huge Thank you to your chemist for developing this product, I don’t know what I would have done without it!

I may yet have to stop doing this job as I am worried about the long term effect on my hands but your cream is definitely my new Best Friend and I have already started telling others about it. I am off now to pop on some more.

  Dawn E. – Devon, United Kingdom

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good product so far i will purchase again

July 18, 2010: Martin B. – Zabbar, Malta

A+ works a treat

July 17, 2010: Paul H. – Greater Manchester, United Kingdom




great product works great…4th pot brought for tennis elbow cured..

July 10, 2010: Wayne W. – Surrey, United Kingdom




Fast delivery, great product, thanks.


July 06, 2010: Jeremy G. – Guildford, United Kingdom


quick delivery, seems to work!

July 01, 2010: Simon L. - West Midlands, United Kingdom

best cream ive used,elbows feel alot better just after a days use,many thanks

June 29, 2010: Karl S. - Northumberland, United Kingdom


June 23, 2010: Allen G. – Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

exellent product recomended

June 21, 2010: Grant H. – London, United Kingdom

quick delivery..good product a++++

June 17, 2010: Gillian H. – Lancashire, United Kingdom

product seems to work, fast shipping thanks. AAA+++

June 15, 2010: Darryle T. – Kamloops, Canada

Thank you for the fast shipping and great product!

June 10, 2010: Raenell. M. – Houston, Texas, USA

great stuff, works great

May 27, 2010: Andrew S. - Bronx, New York, USA

This is a great product. Helped my tennis elbow heal a lot faster too!

May 24, 2010: Maria D. – Homosassa, Florida, USA

Item as described. It’s working. A+

May 23, 2010: Rafal Z. - Victoria, Australia

Excellent product and seller. I am a returning customer.

May 13, 2010: Yvette C. – Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Wonderful Product. Shipping was extremely fast. What else is there =)

May 12, 2010: Richard L. - Cooper City, Florida, USA

Cream works wonders on the inflammation of my elbow. Looking forward to another.

May 01, 2010: Grant H. – London, United Kingdom

Fast Shipping!!! Truly a Miracle Product!!! Thank You!!!

April 24, 2010: Lucas F. - Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

Super fast shipper, amazing product 2nd purchase of this product, WORKS GREAT !

April 22, 2010: Bruce M. – Ogdensburg, New York, USA

2nd tub received, pleased with results so far, thanks from Oz Down Under!

Apr 21, 2010: Sharon D. – Canberra, Australia

Excellent..Fast postage to Aus..and OMG it actually works thank you thank you

Apr 19, 2010: Annette O. – Victoria, Australia

works really well thanks

Apr 19, 2010: Grant H. – London, United Kingdom

This stuff is really good & i mean really good!! Thank you

Apr 17, 2010: Walter C. – Dumfries & Galloway, United Kingdom


Apr 14, 2010: Kay J. – Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

good delivery..great product,my 3rd pot,as recomended to friends,works great.

Apr 12, 2010: Wayne W. – Surrey, United Kingdom

Very Nice – Got here very quickly and is helping with the healing!

Apr 11, 2010: Sean G. – Austin, Texas, USA

great working product, super fast shipping. AAA

Apr 10, 2010: Richard R. – Bristol, CT, USA

It works!

Apr 10, 2010: Lisa T. – Winnipeg, Canada

Swift delivery and love the cream 5/5

Apr 5, 2010: Linzi D. – Dumfries & Galloway, United Kingdom


excellent product cant beleive it but it seems to be working

Mar 26, 2010: Michael W. – Cornwall, United Kingdom

fast delivery good product

Mar 18, 2010: Dawn G. - West Lothian, United Kingdom

Great product, speedy delivery.

Mar 15, 2010: Alun G. – Caerphilly, United Kingdom